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Pee Cee Tech is an Information Technology Services Provider offering a range of services from outsourced application development and managed services to professional services. Our mission is to consistently provide superior information technology services in a timely and affordable manner through ...
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Printer Service
Printer Service
Our printer repair services cover laser, solid ink, matrix, line printer and band printers from well known brands such as HP, Epson, Xerox, Brother, Printronix, Tektronix, Lexmark and Kyocera.
PC & Laptop Service
PC & Laptop Services
Hardware is a general term for the physical artifacts of a technology. It may also mean the physical components of a computer system, in the form of computer hardware.
Toner Refilling
Net working
Toner refill kit is both good for environment and pocket as toner refill kit is quite economical compared to replacing a toner cartridges, so when you perform a Toner Cartridge Refilling you are not only saving money but you also are being smart and helping to save the environment. Toner refill kits provide same level of yield as the OEM toner replacement cartridges.
Net Working
The network forms the foundation of an enterprise's IT Infrastructure. To derive the best performance form the IT infrastructure, the enterprise needs secure robust, scalable and high performance networks. Our Networking and Security Group, backed with its experience with numerous customers, its certified manpower and its alliances with industry leaders delivers products and solutions based on proven technologies: